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Revelations of a Remarkable Jewish History: Traveling Exhibitions that Recreate MetroWest's and New Jersey's Greatest Memories of the 20th Century

The Archives of the Jewish Historical Society of MetroWest contains historic documents, memorabilia, photographs and artifacts. To give life to the past, and to make certain it is neither lost nor forgotten, the Jewish Historical Society has opened the doors of its archives to bring history to the people. The traveling exhibitions are available to appear at local synagogues, religious schools, public libraries and museums, colleges and universities, other historical societies and governmental facilities.

The subject matter of the exhibitions reflect a culture and identity of people and institutions from all walks of life, including: Albert Einstein's MetroWest ties; Newark's Beth Israel Hospital, where the first successful operation to implant a nuclear powered pacemaker earned world-wide attention; Morris-Sussex Jewish history before and after World War II; letters from Holocaust victims to local residents; Yiddish theater; and the struggles and triumphs of the founding families of Kings, ShopRite and Pathmark Supermarkets.

Hosting an Exhibition

New Jersey institutions will be given first consideration in hosting the traveling exhibitions produced by the JHSMW. For more information about hosting exhibits please contact Linda Forgosh at (973) 929-2994 or send an email to .

Contributing to an Exhibition

The JHSMW welcomes contributions of materials to their exhibitions! All materials received will be scanned for use in the exhibition, and will be considered to be loaned to the JHSMW for the purpose of exhibition unless specifically donated to the Archives. To contribute to the exhibition please contact curator Linda Forgosh at the JHSMW, 901 Route 10 East, Whippany , NJ 07981 , (973) 929-2994 or send an email to .

Currently Seeking:

The society is looking for any items that tell the story of the synagogues of Metrowest, including photographs, artifacts, wedding and bar mitzvah albums, wedding gowns, invitations, sisterhood tablecloths, architectural plans, and human interest stories about rabbis and cantors.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like your exhibition contribution to be added to the archives you will need to donate the original item.

For more information about donating materials to the Archives, please see our Archives pages or contact Archivist Jill Hershorin, at (973) 929-2995 or send an email to .

Traveling Exhibitions

Preserving History By Telling our Story -
Feature A Jewish Historical Society Traveling Exhibition

"To give life to the past and to make certain that it is neither lost nor forgotten, the Jewish Historical Society of MetroWest has opened the doors of its archives to bring history to the people through a series of traveling exhibitions that recreate MetroWest's and New Jersey's greatest memories of the twentieth century." (Robert Max, JHSMW past-president)

Weequahic Memoirs: Celebrating Newark's Legendary Neighborhood features 44 panels containing hundreds of photographs that tell the story of Weequahic from the 1930s through the 1960s. There are showcases of artifacts and memorabillia, a Great Map of Weequahic, a vintage clothing gallery, and a video documentary that transports the viewer back to this legendary neighborhood made famous by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Phillip Roth. It's great MetroWest history!

This is the story of Elving's Metropolitan Yiddish Theater, located at the corner of Charlton and Montgomery Streets, in Newark's Prince Street neighborhood from 1921 to 1944. Bernard Elving was the owner,operator, and principal star of the productions. Its cast included Yiddish greats Molly Picon, Moishe Oysher, Aaron Lebedeff, Jennie Goldstein, and Hollywood star Paul Muni.

Who's Minding The Store?: From Mom and Pop Merchants to Supermarket entrepreneurs. This is the story of the founding of New Jersey's premier supermarkets Kings, ShopRite, and Pathmark. A portion of the exhibit is devoted to mom and pop merchants who started family businesses in Essex, Morris, and Sussex Counties, New Jersey, as early as 1886. The exhibit is accompanied by a fully-stocked grocery store with items from the 1930s and 1940s in original packaging. The store is courtesy of MetroWest resident Jerry Rudy.

The history of the Jews of Morris and Sussex Counties dates back to the Civil War. The earliest Jewish residents settled in Morris County towns of Morristown, Dover, Pine Brook, and Mount Freedom, and in the Sussex County towns of Franklin and Newton. The exhibit features towns and synagogues, hotel resorts, and lake communities that were home to Jewish settlers before and after World War II.

Were you, a relative, or friend "born at the Beth?" Did you hold on to your Beth birth certificate? Did you eat lunch on the steps of the hospital or use the hospital lobby as a cut through to get home? Did you have older relatives that were born at the Beth when it was located at the intersection of High and Kinney Streets in Newark? Then this exhibit and its heartwarming stories surrounding the founding, funding, and oversight of Newark's Jewish hospital would be of interest.

Daughters of Israel is the first Jewish home for the aged in New Jersey. The home was located in Newark on Stirling Street starting in 1906, moved to High Street and purchased the vacant hospital building that was formerly Newark Beth Israel Hospital, and relocated to West Orange in 1962 where its buildings have undergone numerous additions and renovations. This exhibit celebrates Daughters of Israel's one hundredth anniversary.

Jewish Family Service of MetroWest is the oldest Jewish social service agency in New Jersey. This organization was started in 1861. The founders were young men, primarily German Jews, who felt it was their obligation to take care of Jewish orphans and needy Jews who needed the basics of food, housing, and a decent job.

JHSMW exhibitions are available for loan. They come with free standing walls,a professional installer and docent lead tours.

Sponsoring organizations are responsible for moving costs and obligated to host a special event to promote the exhibition to their members. To discuss any costs contact curator Linda Forgosh (973)929-2994 or send an email.